Testimonial from the first 24/7 live trading TV channel

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As the first 24/7 live television channel dedicated to trading, we are constantly seeking innovative ways to provide our subscribers with the best trading opportunities. Before integrating TradingPartners AI into our platform, we faced a major challenge: a lack of quality content for our live shows.

It was at this crucial moment that TradingPartners AI stepped in to fill this gap by providing us with over 10,000 trading strategies per month. Thanks to their white-label trading strategy engine, we now have access to an impressive arsenal of strategies, with a success rate exceeding 65%.

But that's not all. How we integrate these strategies into our live shows is equally crucial. We have adopted an innovative approach by incorporating a chromatic overlay into our broadcasting, allowing our subscribers to visually follow the strategies in real-time during our shows.

The impact of TradingPartners AI on our channel has been phenomenal. In just two months, we have seen a dramatic 25% increase in our subscriber base, while our revenue has experienced exponential growth. The quality of the strategies provided by TradingPartners AI has enhanced our image and strengthened our reputation as a reliable source of trading advice.

We are grateful to TradingPartners AI for their valuable partnership and significant contribution to our success. Thanks to them, we are able to provide our community with a rewarding and profitable experience while remaining at the forefront of innovation in the trading industry.


1. What is TradingPartners AI?

TradingPartners AI is a trading strategy engine using artificial intelligence. It provides trading strategies with a success rate of over 65%, enabling users to identify profitable trading opportunities.

2. How is TradingPartners AI integrated into your trading TV channel?

We have integrated TradingPartners AI into our live shows using their white-label trading strategy engine. This allows us to access a wide range of strategies that we can share and comment on in real-time with our subscribers.

3. What is the impact of using TradingPartners AI on your trading TV channel?

Using TradingPartners AI has had a significant impact on our channel. In just two months, we have seen a 25% increase in our subscriber base, as well as exponential revenue growth. Additionally, this has strengthened our reputation as a reliable source of trading advice.

4. How can subscribers benefit from TradingPartners AI?

Our subscribers can benefit from TradingPartners AI by following our live shows, where we share and comment on trading strategies in real-time. This allows them to trade simultaneously with us and take advantage of trading opportunities identified by the trading strategy engine.

5. How can I integrate TradingPartners AI into my own trading platform?

To integrate TradingPartners AI into your own trading platform, you can contact their team to discuss available partnership and integration options.

Link to the first 24/7 live trading TV channel: https://www.genius-station.com/