Discover the Impressive Performance of Genius Ai: The Intelligent Investment and Day Trading Algorithm

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More and more investors are turning to artificial intelligence to optimize their trading strategies. Among the most popular innovations, Genius Ai software stands out for its exceptional performance. Designed for a 100% automated trading experience, Genius Ai is integrated into the Genius Station platform, thus encouraging many traders to embrace the promise of significant gains. Here is an overview of the financial performance of the Genius Ai algorithm for the week of June 28 to July 5, 2024.

Genius Ai Financial Performance Report

Number of Trades

  • 4370 trades executed
  • Average time per trade: 01:49
  • Total trading time: 85:51

Subscriber Results

Genius Ai users record their gains, and the software continuously adjusts its strategies for each subscriber. Here is a summary of the performance:

  • 97% of users report gains.37% obtain more than 30 points/pips.10% achieve more than 20 points/pips.50% gain more than 10 points/pips.0% report losses less than 10 points/pips.

Ai Strategy Results by Markets


  • Average gain: 80 pips


  • Increase: 148%


  • Average gain: 126 points


  • Average gain: 223 points


  • Increase: 126%

Details of Genius Ai Operations

The Genius Ai algorithm is designed to continually adapt and optimize its strategies.

Operation Statistics

  • Winning: 1174
  • Invalidated: 4000
  • Losing: 351
  • Target (goals achieved): 108
  • Stop (losses stopped): 2737

Operation Track Record

Here are some examples of executed transactions:

BTCUSD.CRYPTO 56922.456819.956924.4556411281.4

BTCUSD.CRYPTO 55179.255113.255184.253964.81214.4

BTCUSD.CRYPTO 58132.157354.758137.157248.5883.6

BTCUSD.CRYPTO 61069.661042.261074.660555.5514.1

BTCUSD.CRYPTO 5850258663.45850058806.1304.1

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