New WinBar Now Available on the Genius Station Trading Platform

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The new WinBar is now available on the Genius Station trading platform. It represents a significant advancement in this AI-enhanced trading platform. This tool provides real-time insights into the performance of Futures, Indices, and stocks, offering users reliable and responsive information for their trading decisions.

The WinBar is a valuable tool that displays, in real-time, the gains and losses in USD from operations generated by the Genius AI trading strategies. It provides a clear view of performance, displaying it on the Genius Station AI platform's TV viewer. Its primary goal is to allow users to compare their results with those of Genius and evaluate trading opportunities at any time.

The reliability of this tool is based on several key elements:

  • Capital is used in the same manner as with the Autotrade function.
  • Margin management is automatically handled by Genius.
  • Exposure is always calculated on a single lot.
  • No profit limits are imposed.
  • A maximum daily loss of 10% is allowed.
  • The trading mode is aggressive.
  • No position adjustments (lightening/strengthening) are made.
  • All assets from the mentioned categories are taken into account.

Additionally, the WinBar integrates the following parameters:

  • Number of operations: Indicates the number of trades executed by the Genius AI algorithm and its autotrade since 00:00 to obtain the PNL.
  • PNL (Profit and Loss): Represents the real-time net profits or losses from strategies transmitted by the Genius AI algorithm to Autotrade, covering futures, stocks, and indices.
  • Initial capital of $25,000: Used to execute strategies generated by the Genius AI algorithm. This capital evolves in real-time based on the results and is reset daily at 00:00.

The WinBar is a valuable tool that instantly displays the gains and losses in dollars from operations generated by the Genius AI trading strategies. In addition to providing data on initial capital, the number of gains, and the number of trades recorded, it also offers real-time results on financial markets. Unlike trade recorded data provided by some brokers, the WinBar guarantees accurate and up-to-date information, eliminating risks associated with decisions based on outdated data.

A Counter-Example: Falsified Track Records

Many traders rely on track record data provided in collaboration with brokers, but it is important to note that this information can be manipulated to create the impression that traders can succeed with certain methods. Often, these are falsified results in agreement with the broker, not necessarily reflecting real market conditions. For example, track records can be adjusted or modified to hide actual losses or exaggerate potential gains, misleading potential traders.

With Genius Station's WinBar, these risks are eliminated, ensuring that you always have the most recent and reliable information.


The new WinBar on Genius Station marks a turning point on the AI-enhanced trading platform, Genius Station. By providing real-time results on Futures, Indices, and stocks, we offer our users unmatched reliability and responsiveness. Explore the WinBar on Genius Station today and transform your trading experience with the power of artificial intelligence.


1. How can I access the WinBar on Genius Station?

The WinBar automatically appears at the bottom of your screen when using the Genius Station platform.

2. What information can I see on the WinBar?

The WinBar displays initial capital, number of gains, and number of trades recorded by the Genius algorithm, along with real-time results of Futures, Indices, and stocks.

3. Are the data displayed on the WinBar in real-time?

Yes, the data is provided in real-time thanks to our advanced AI algorithm, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

4. Why is trade recorded information less reliable?

Trade recorded information, often provided in collaboration with brokers, can be delayed and subject to transmission errors, making it less reliable for instant trading decisions.

5. How does the WinBar enhance my trading experience?

By providing real-time and accurate information, the WinBar allows you to track financial market developments more effectively, optimizing your trading decisions.

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