New! Stone X Compatible with Genius Ai V2 Trading Algorithm

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Launch Announcement: Genius Ai v2 and Stone X Revolutionize Day Trading and Investing

We are thrilled to announce a major innovation in the financial trading world: the compatibility of our cutting-edge day trading and investment algorithm, Genius Ai v2, with the renowned broker Stone X. This strategic partnership marks the beginning of a new era for traders and investors seeking advanced techniques to enhance their returns.

What’s New in Genius Ai v2 with Stone X

1. Optimized Strategies: Genius Ai v2 now includes 16 optimized trading strategies, designed without traditional technical indicators, allowing for a more direct and effective approach to maximizing profits. And, as always, the valuable money and risk management rules that contribute to its success, securing operations.

2. Real-Time Detection: The ability to simultaneously scan up to 80 Stone X assets lets you instantly capture the best market opportunities.

3. Full Autotrade Compatibility: Complete compatibility with the Autotrade system ensures automatic execution of trades based on the precise analyses of Genius Ai v2.

4. Increased Speed and Reliability: The system is engineered to provide rapid and reliable decisions, enabling traders to navigate the market with confidence and efficiency.

5. Enhanced Performance: Each update of Genius Ai v2 is designed to bring you closer to your financial goals with greater efficiency.

This promising partnership marks a significant improvement over previous versions of the algorithm. The enhancements integrated into Genius Ai v2, combined with its compatibility with Stone X, make this tool more powerful, reliable, and efficient than ever.

Take Advantage of a Special Launch Offer

To celebrate this launch, a special offer allows you to double your subscription: one week becomes two, one month turns into two, one quarter into six months, and one year into two years. This opportunity is ideal for new users to discover the extended benefits of Genius Ai v2.

For More Information

To learn more about Genius Ai v2 and start with your free trial, visit our demo platform at And for any other information, our experts are available at +33 9 80 08 20 11.

Don’t miss this chance to transform the way you trade with Genius Ai v2 and Stone X. Stay tuned for more updates on this revolutionary collaboration that redefines the standards of trading and investing.