Discover automated trading powered by Ai

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Live Program !

• Welcome and Registration.

• General presentation of the Genius Station trading platform.

• Overview of basic features and benefits.

• Examples of successful trades thanks to Genius AI’s intelligent data analysis.

• Discussions on trading strategies and customizable parameters.

• Case study on maximizing profits and minimizing risks through automated trading.

• Presentation of AutoTrade service for a fully automated trading experience.

• Question and Answer Session.

• Conclusion and Closing.

Why should one come to this event?

Discover concretely how algo simplify investment. Meet an expert Luc Vaudan, in the field of trading and Ai. He’s the mastermind behind Genius Station, one of the most advanced intelligent trading platforms in the world. Improve your trading and investment skills by learning to effectively use AI. Meet other enthusiasts.

About Genius Ai company

Genius Station stands out as the publisher of the first professional trading platform equipped with a strategic AI-powered trading algorithm with autotrade system enabling automatic order, with money and risk management mechanisms. positioning Genius at the forefront of the financial industry.

Contact for more information:

We invite you to join Genius Station, THE AI trading platform. Enhanced by artificial intelligence, our trading algorithm offers autotrading with advanced money and risk management for 100% automatic trading. Learn more at Genius Station.

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